MES launches Text Broadcast Message and Website

by Mercedes Paigalan and Rina Pepito

To keep all the stakeholders updated with the  information on school activities, the school initiated Project SIDP ( Strengthening Information Dissemination Process ) and school’s official website. The projects form part as school innovations in information dissemination in the time of COVID-19 Pandemic where physical reporting of parents/guardians to school is prohibited. The proponents for SIDP were Mercedes P. Paigalan and Rina R. Pepito while Jerel Dapin initiated on the website.

The project subscribed from Globe’s to inform parents via Short Messaging System (SMS) with Mandus ES as the official sender. While, the school’s website    serves to inform stakeholders on school           programs, projects and activities , its  transparency on financial resources and allow teachers to download school issuances for free.   These innovations were       officially launched last June 24,2020. They have been used to remotely inform parents about the Modular Distance Learning Dry-run and Orientation schedule. 

As an initial effect of the project, 100% of the target parents for the activity were able to attend using the new way of informing them. 

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