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Mandus Brgy. Council, MES partner school improvement

By Melissa D. Sereño, T-I        

“Life seemed to be easy when problems are shared, talked about and solutions are agreed upon”, says a blooming Philosopher. 

It was on August 12, 2020 when the School Head of Mandus Elementary School, Mr. Jerel B. Dapin enlisted the assistance of the council headed     by our       Brgy. Captain, Hon. Nilda  A. Consuegra. Part of his talk, he lobbied for the       Volunteer-teacher’s honorarium, a little amount in exchange of their voluntary works in the                implementation of Modular Distance learning by Print.  

Our Learning Support Aide (LSA) plays important role in          supporting the implementation of distance learning. They are performing their tasks by helping with    academic program activities to    reinforce pupils who are in need of assistance while they are learning at home. They even helped teachers in the reproduction of modules, assisted school activities and rendered time in home visitation. In addition, LSAs are exerting time, talent and treasure for the realization of this goal. With all these developments, Mr. Jerel B. Dapin and the whole faculty were grateful and happy with the warm support from the council.

Furthermore, he presented to the august body the School’s Modular Distance Learning-Print core activities based on its Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP).

Mandus Elementary School conveyed its heartfelt thanks to the council for its unwavering support. They are examples of good public servants who only want the best for the community and its constituents. 

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