LSAs: School’s Partners in the “New Normal Education”

By Irish D. Abrahan, LSA

Education must continue for learning knows no boundaries.

This line is suited to the education system around the world today. Amidst this pandemic, they are exerting extraordinary efforts to respond and     provide quality education for all. Education must    continue as they say. But, who would help the teacher? Who are the individuals willing to help the teacher implement the Modular Distance Learning? 

In the New Normal Education, we need all the helping hands. The Learner Support Aides (LSAs) are there ready to the rescue at all times. They work     together with the teacher in providing learning        opportunities that promote achievement and          progression of learners.

LSA’s main role is to provide support to the learners especially the struggling ones through home visitation and other viable means. They guide the learners learn and integrate as fully as possible the activities undertaken and they can use that learning outside the four walls.

Moreover, they also monitor the learner’s  progress and achievement. They assist the teacher in planning what interventions suited in order for the learners to excel in the best way possible.  

 Indeed, LSA plays a vital role in the New Normal Education. They help everyone in providing quality    education even in this exceptional time. Let us continue learning even if we are experiencing change and         uncertainty at the moment.

Feeling weary? Anxious? Need assistance in learning? Call them and LSA’s will be there.

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