LSAs: School’s Partners in the “New Normal Education”

By Irish D. Abrahan, LSA

Education must continue for learning knows no boundaries.

This line is suited to the education system around the world today. Amidst this pandemic, they are exerting extraordinary efforts to respond and     provide quality education for all. Education must    continue as they say. But, who would help the teacher? Who are the individuals willing to help the teacher implement the Modular Distance Learning? 

In the New Normal Education, we need all the helping hands. The Learner Support Aides (LSAs) are there ready to the rescue at all times. They work     together with the teacher in providing learning        opportunities that promote achievement and          progression of learners.

LSA’s main role is to provide support to the learners especially the struggling ones through home visitation and other viable means. They guide the learners learn and integrate as fully as possible the activities undertaken and they can use that learning outside the four walls.

Moreover, they also monitor the learner’s  progress and achievement. They assist the teacher in planning what interventions suited in order for the learners to excel in the best way possible.  

 Indeed, LSA plays a vital role in the New Normal Education. They help everyone in providing quality    education even in this exceptional time. Let us continue learning even if we are experiencing change and         uncertainty at the moment.

Feeling weary? Anxious? Need assistance in learning? Call them and LSA’s will be there.

MCES - Brangay COuncil

Mandus Brgy. Council, MES partner school improvement

By Melissa D. Sereño, T-I        

“Life seemed to be easy when problems are shared, talked about and solutions are agreed upon”, says a blooming Philosopher. 

It was on August 12, 2020 when the School Head of Mandus Elementary School, Mr. Jerel B. Dapin enlisted the assistance of the council headed     by our       Brgy. Captain, Hon. Nilda  A. Consuegra. Part of his talk, he lobbied for the       Volunteer-teacher’s honorarium, a little amount in exchange of their voluntary works in the                implementation of Modular Distance learning by Print.  

Our Learning Support Aide (LSA) plays important role in          supporting the implementation of distance learning. They are performing their tasks by helping with    academic program activities to    reinforce pupils who are in need of assistance while they are learning at home. They even helped teachers in the reproduction of modules, assisted school activities and rendered time in home visitation. In addition, LSAs are exerting time, talent and treasure for the realization of this goal. With all these developments, Mr. Jerel B. Dapin and the whole faculty were grateful and happy with the warm support from the council.

Furthermore, he presented to the august body the School’s Modular Distance Learning-Print core activities based on its Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP).

Mandus Elementary School conveyed its heartfelt thanks to the council for its unwavering support. They are examples of good public servants who only want the best for the community and its constituents. 

MCES _ Opeing

MES opens School Year 2020-2021 amidst pandemic time

by Josefina L. Arayani, T-III

Mandus Elementary School has been prepared for the school opening on October 5, 2020 in spite of the continuing threat of COVID-19. 

Barangay Health Worker (BHW) Mrs. Merly A. Catulay rendered voluntary service to make sure health and safety protocols are        followed. She facilitated the temperature checking and ensured that parents/guardians are observing   wearing of face mask/face shield, social distancing, foot bathing, and hand sanitizing.

Teachers and parents/guardians evidently performed their roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the new learning modality. Specifically, they were actively present during the distribution and retrieval of modules that started last October 2, 2020. 

Along with the distributed Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) were Class Home Learning Schedule and Directory, Weekly Home Learning Plan (WHLP) and Feedback form for Parents. 

In general, the opening of classes was carried out      successfully with the collaboration of parents/guardians, teachers and other stakeholders. Indeed, Education has continued amidst this pandemic time due to COVID-19. 

MCES - Cacading

Teachers, upskilled about modular distance learning essentials

by Mary Jane B. Orillo, T-III

DepEd remains committed in its effort to upskill teachers so they remain relevant in the continued practice of their teaching profession. Distance learning delivery modalities shall be implemented this SY 2020-2021. DepEd in coordination with National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) has put in place Learning Delivery Modalities 2 (LDM2) Course for teachers. 

The course is a preparatory activity for teachers to significantly focus on instructional implications using alternative LDMs that will ascertain readiness on the opening of school year. This task-oriented course is combined with guided study using self-learning modules, co-learning, and collaboration thru Learning Action Cell (LAC). To ensure that learning    continues while guaranteeing the health, safety and well-being of all teachers. Mandus Elementary School conducted LAC sessions via Virtual and Face-to-Face Sessions.

Module 1-Course Orientation and Module 2-Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC) were facilitated by Mr. Jerel B. Dapin, Principal 1, Module 3A-Lesson Design and Assessment in the Modalities by Mrs. Leah L. Santiago and Mrs. Helen L. Distora, Module 3B-Learning Resources by Mr. Richito B. Distora, T-III, Module 4-Planning for Continuing Professional Development and LAC  Planning by Mr. Dapin, and Module 5-Building the Teaching Portfolio related to the implementation of the modalities by Mrs. Mercedes P. Paigalan, MT-1. 

Professional learning engagement opportunity like this has really helped teachers overcome their fears in facing new challenges on the new normal time using distance learning.

With all the rigorous preparations, teachers are well-equipped with necessary skills, knowledge and values to conquer the learning modalities ahead in order to provide quality education to learners amidst the pandemic.


MES launches Text Broadcast Message and Website

by Mercedes Paigalan and Rina Pepito

To keep all the stakeholders updated with the  information on school activities, the school initiated Project SIDP ( Strengthening Information Dissemination Process ) and school’s official website. The projects form part as school innovations in information dissemination in the time of COVID-19 Pandemic where physical reporting of parents/guardians to school is prohibited. The proponents for SIDP were Mercedes P. Paigalan and Rina R. Pepito while Jerel Dapin initiated on the website.

The project subscribed from Globe’s to inform parents via Short Messaging System (SMS) with Mandus ES as the official sender. While, the school’s website    serves to inform stakeholders on school           programs, projects and activities , its  transparency on financial resources and allow teachers to download school issuances for free.   These innovations were       officially launched last June 24,2020. They have been used to remotely inform parents about the Modular Distance Learning Dry-run and Orientation schedule. 

As an initial effect of the project, 100% of the target parents for the activity were able to attend using the new way of informing them. 


Noquiao Donates 70K

by Leah Santiago

Maricel O. Noquiao, PhD, an alumna of Batch 1986 of Mandus Elementary School donated P70,000.00 for the construction of school signage, pergola and perimeter fence at the main entrance gate of the school. The project was completely finished last July 24,2020 thru the supervision of the School Principal Jerel B. Dapin.

Noquiao has been serving as the Public Schools District Supervisor of Baguio District of Davao City Division and a part-time professor of Graduate School Department of Rizal Memorial College, Davao City.

The whole MES Faculty and Parents are grateful to the donor who is instrumental to the school’s physical improvement. The school welcomes more donations from other stakeholders .   

Presently, it continues to tap its potential stakeholders to support its reproduction cost of self-learning modules.


MES readies for the incoming school year

by Leah Santiago

Mandus Elementary School has been working its best to prepare for the School Year 2020-2021 despite the continuing threat of COVID-19. The current situation is now called the new normal time for teachers as they continue to work on essential activities that contribute to teaching and learning delivery based on the need of identified Modular Distance Learning by Print. 

100% or 15 out of 15 teachers were provided with learning delivery modalities upskilling coursed thru Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions. As of to date, 75% of the parents were  oriented on MDL-P  and underwent Dry-run on Self-Learning Modules (SLM) Distribution and Retrieval . A week before  the school year opens, 100% of them will be oriented on the core activities. 

Teachers were also tasked print a copy of their     modules on assigned subject for the reproduction thru the school head. The school has been enlisting as well the assistance of its stakeholders for the additional funding  intended for the reproduction of the modules. It has also  crafted contextualized Monitoring and Evaluation tools on MDL-P such as class home program and directory, transmittal form and parent’s card to ensure the effectiveness of the learning delivery modality.


MES welcomes new school leader

by Helen Distora

Mr. Jerel Buntas Dapin stepped in as the new Principal of Mandus Elementary School last May 18, 2020. He is the vice of the outgoing principal Mrs. Marilou P. Amigo who transferred to Tomas Sim Elementary School. 

Mr. Dapin is the second child among the five children of Mr. Porferio Dapin and Mrs. Conchita Buntas.  Prior to his current school assignment, He worked at Bislig City Division from 2010-2020 and became the full-fledged Principal last  2017 after passing the Principal’s test. 

He graduated his elementary at Mandus ES in the year 2000. His secondary education at MKYNHS in the year 2004. He pursued his college degree at Andres Soriano College taking up Bachelor in Elementary      Education (BEED) major in       Mathematics with honors.

His goal as a school leader is to promote continuous improvement of learning outcomes of the school. He also believes that living life with significance leads to meaningful achievement of life’s purpose. 

In his term, he will highlight his strategic Project SCALE-UP with          responsive activities to address school needs on different areas thru the collaboration of the surrounding stakeholders. The project is anchored on the sound principles of DepEd’s Sulong Edukalidad.

“I am so thankful for I can finally serve my own beloved school that   partly made me who and what I am right now.”, he said.