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Teachers, upskilled about modular distance learning essentials

by Mary Jane B. Orillo, T-III

DepEd remains committed in its effort to upskill teachers so they remain relevant in the continued practice of their teaching profession. Distance learning delivery modalities shall be implemented this SY 2020-2021. DepEd in coordination with National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) has put in place Learning Delivery Modalities 2 (LDM2) Course for teachers. 

The course is a preparatory activity for teachers to significantly focus on instructional implications using alternative LDMs that will ascertain readiness on the opening of school year. This task-oriented course is combined with guided study using self-learning modules, co-learning, and collaboration thru Learning Action Cell (LAC). To ensure that learning    continues while guaranteeing the health, safety and well-being of all teachers. Mandus Elementary School conducted LAC sessions via Virtual and Face-to-Face Sessions.

Module 1-Course Orientation and Module 2-Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC) were facilitated by Mr. Jerel B. Dapin, Principal 1, Module 3A-Lesson Design and Assessment in the Modalities by Mrs. Leah L. Santiago and Mrs. Helen L. Distora, Module 3B-Learning Resources by Mr. Richito B. Distora, T-III, Module 4-Planning for Continuing Professional Development and LAC  Planning by Mr. Dapin, and Module 5-Building the Teaching Portfolio related to the implementation of the modalities by Mrs. Mercedes P. Paigalan, MT-1. 

Professional learning engagement opportunity like this has really helped teachers overcome their fears in facing new challenges on the new normal time using distance learning.

With all the rigorous preparations, teachers are well-equipped with necessary skills, knowledge and values to conquer the learning modalities ahead in order to provide quality education to learners amidst the pandemic.

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