A Young Leader’s Passion-driven Perspective from Pre to Pandemic Era

By Jerel B. Dapin, Principal I


“Leadership is about the passion to serve with a sense of direction.”

Once upon a time, there was this little child who lived in a place full of dreams who encountered inevitable challenges.

The journey started to be ambitious yet holding on the passionate notion that a dream’s reality has always had uncertainty. Eventually, he developed within himself a leader’s quality he personally dubbed a Passion to Dream: A First Step in Leadership Journey.

Just like with the ABCs and 123s of life, A is hard to learn as it is the first stage in life’s journey. While the B or the second stage is equally taxing. Why? In life’s reality, the point to second the motion has always challenged the ensuing direction. It becomes unbending and unchanging when all you have in mind and heart is impossibility. However, what the mind can conceive, definitely it can achieve. Being young armed with well-built passion to dream, to him, nothing becomes insurmountable. He apparently learned that the positive mind and heart power equate possible dream.

As the years went by, the path had always been preoccupied with ups and downs, but given the passion to dream and the positive power will make every dream possible. Hence, it will sustain the journey with a bang. Thus, the dream spread-out with resonating human support system. The right dream when supported with the right people becomes a dream of reality. Moreover, scaffolding of family members and friends about your dream unleashes its surreal impact. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap your dream with the right human support system.

The positive outlook aligns with what the heart has set that eventually turns everything to be well. The three collective qualities had transformed to what he became in the first place when he was offered the chance to serve as the youth leader in his religion. True enough, he excelled on his own way. The opportunity had allowed him to assimilate priceless and substantial takeaways which were imperative to his spiritual and physical being. This served as primary training ground worth instrumental to his future leadership undertaking. Thus, he called it Maximizing Learned Personal Qualities to Practical Life Situation.

In his own absolute consciousness, the aforementioned qualities have led him to quantify his blazing success stories then and now. In a clearer viewpoint, he has never arrived success as he firmly believed that it is a continuing process. His gigantic success is not what he accomplished at a young age but the passion that drives him to continuously achieve what should be achieved in educational targets.

What makes a leader is not how you grow by age but by evaluated experience emanating from significant and diverse opportunities. However, we all have to think young to be able to rethink unthinkable odds in education especially in this pandemic time where learning is jeopardized. As a young leader by mind and heart, we need to fight the demands this pandemic has continually brought us. It may be taking millions of lives but not our million dreams to sustain education.

The passion-driven perspective of a young leader must optimally think of ways ahead to produce young and resilient leaders in the future with or without pandemic. A leader must be a blessing magnet who is willing to attract blessings not only for him but also share these blessings to everyone around him. A leader is not the one who is engrossed with his performance for competition to impress people. After all, God doesn’t look at fancy performance. What matters most is how we take quality time to judge, evaluate and assess our own performance to significantly perform with others free from competition. A leader must be grateful in all circumstances that he can penetrate the physical and spiritual realm of life. 

For young leaders in the making, we should prepare our best battle gears like the qualities mentioned in fighting to win challenges in the new normal context of education even in personal undertakings. In the same way, we sustain our paradigm shift towards our learners so they transform themselves to become proactive citizens in the future who can bravely keep face with the changes and challenges of the time.

Staying to be a passionate-driven leader even in this difficult time is still attainable given the positive mindset. It is not about being a neophyte or seasoned leader instead it is being the best version of ourselves with or without pandemic.

Finally, that little child once upon a time is now one of the young leaders out there writing this humble piece on leadership journey amidst this trying time.

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